Traditional Hot Water Heaters


A Traditional Hot Water Heater is important for a variety of purposes around the home. Whether providing hot water for bathing, dishwashers or laundry machines, your water heaters work hard all year round. A new water heater, with new energy ratings, can help cut bills in half or heat your shower faster than your current heater. Consider the following guidelines to help you get the right water heater for your home and family.

Why buy a new water heater?

  • Water leaking on your floor or your shower taking forever to heat up is a sign that it’s time to get a new water heater.
  • A dependable water heater unit usually has a lifetime of 10 to 13 years; it’s usually after that time when you’ll likely run into some problems.
  • When designing a new home or remodeling your current home, you’ll need a variety of different appliances, and a water heater is essential. A new water heater will provide you with a reliable system for the next 10 years or more.
  • If your family has grown in size, you may need to consider a new model to accommodate the greater demand for hot water. The number of people in a household affects the water heater tank size.
  • If your utility bills are uncommonly high, it may be due to an old, inefficient model. A new model will reduce your costs and improve your energy consumption.

Electric & Gas Tank Water Heater Replacements and Repairs

defenderWhen it’s time for a new electric or gas water heater, calling a professional will be the smartest thing you could ever do. We know how well water heaters can work and how safe they can be when properly installed. We also know the downfall and dangers of bad installations. That’s why we believe water heaters should only be installed by licensed and well trained professionals.

As of July 1, 2003 all conventional 30, 40 and 50 gallon residential gas-fired water heaters must comply with new, stringent standards regarding Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance. Nichols & Phipps utilizes the Defender Safety System, a cutting edge technology that fully complies with the new standard. You can count on Nichols & Phipps to meet these requirements now and in the future. Defender Safety System is only available to professional installers people whose knowledge, skill and experience ensure that the right model water heater is installed correctly. The peace of mind you realize by having Nichols & Phipps install your water heater is a priceless commodity you can get at a reasonable price. – See more at:

Knowledge of Electricity and Its Uses: Installation of electric water heaters requires knowledge of the properly rated wiring material as well as knowledge of the home’s electrical capacity. An adequate electrical service is a requirement.

Getting the Right Gas Water Heater For Your Home: Gas valves are designed to handle a specific type of fuel. Some gas-fired water heaters are designed for certain types of homes. Making the wrong choice can be a serious hazard.

Nichols & Phipps Understands Thermal Expansion: Do you have an open or closed water system? Closed systems are subject to thermal expansion and pressure build-up. Open systems can become closed when check valves, water softeners or water meters are added. A professional will add an expansion tank to avoid problems.

Pressure Build-Up is a Serious Matter: Even if your water heater tank doesn’t rupture from thermal expansion, pressure inside the tank can cause a constriction of the flue tube. This, in turn, can cause a back up of combustion gases and carbon monoxide inside the home.

Many Special Water Heaters Are not Sold To Customers: Certain Defender Safety System water heaters cannot be purchased by the public. There are literally thousands of models with important variations and safety features that you’ll never know about unless you call a professional such as ourselves.

Laws Governing Installations: In many parts of the country, state agencies and local municipalities have laws and codes governing the installation of water heaters. These laws state that a water heater must be installed by a licensed professional. Contact Nichols & Phipps today to learn about all our plumbing services!

Bradford White Products: The Perfect Choice:95

     ◊  Models for nearly every residential application including gas, electric, oil, solar and indirectly powered water heaters.

     ◊  Configurations include atmospheric vent, power-direct vent, power vent, direct vent, point-of-use, and tankless models configurations include atmospheric vent, power-direct vent, power vent, direct vent, point-of-use, and tankless models.

     ◊  An incredible variety of products for water heating, combination heating, and storage applications.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Conventional Hot Water Heater:

Tank Capacity:

Water heaters come equipped with different sized tanks, enabling you to have hot water whenever you need it depending on the scale of your demands.   The average size of your family or household and your water usage determines the best tank size.  Our plumbers will evaluate your water usage, family household size and several other factors to make absolutely sure you have enough hot water to satisfy your household.  Each tank is insulated with different thicknesses to meet your needs and ensure that you’ll have hot water quickly and efficiently.

Energy Efficiency:

Today’s latest water heaters consume 10 to 50 percent less energy than older models.  Burners and insulation have evolved to reduce their carbon footprint and the ability to keep the heat in.  They have also introduced “Hybrid” units that combine electric functions and heat pumps to help save you money and energy.  Nichols & Phipps will assure your Tradition Hot Water Tank is sized correctly for your demand.

User Features and Self Cleaning Abilities:

With easy-to-read thermostats, you can make adjustments to your water heater when needed.  In order to confirm that a unit is in operation and working correctly, a light-emitting diode (LED) pilot light is provided for convenience.  A great safety feature is an automatic shut-off valve which can be used to prevent fires in case of any surge in gas flow.  Certain models can reduce the sediment that builds up within the tank and self-clean themselves.  Self-cleaning abilities provide a greater longevity since the heater won’t develop problems from residue.  The Automatic self-cleaning feature clears the tank of sediment buildup eliminating routine maintenance.

Hot Water Heater Repairinside bradford

Hot water in your morning shower is a luxury you probably don’t think too much about. But what if one morning you turn on the tap and the water’s turned cold? You’ll probably start thinking about it a lot more. That’s why at Nichols & Phipps, we don’t just sell and install new hot water heaters; we also provide preventative maintenance and repair services. We understand how important a well functioning water heater is to your daily lifestyle, and we’re dedicated to providing the best quality service to our customers. And if you think it’s time to replace your old hot water heater, we can advise you on newer energy efficient models, such as tankless heaters, and help you find the right fit for your home.

Water Heater Flush and Inspectionburner diagram

We start off our tune-up by flushing the water from the tank and giving it a full inspection. We check for leaks, sediment buildup, and other things that could give you trouble down the road.

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves Inspection

Once we’ve given the tank a once-over, we take a look at the pressure relief valves to make sure they’re functioning the way that they should, and that they open and close easily. We also take a look at what temperature your tank is set, and find out what temperature it’s actually reaching. We then make adjustments as necessary to make sure it maintains that temperature safely.

Emergency Shut Off Inspection

An emergency shut off isn’t of much use to you if it isn’t functioning properly. We inspect and test it to make sure it works the way it should.

Corrosion Inspection

Water heaters are typically made of metal, and with the hard water in Virginia, that metal is probably going to begin breaking down eventually, even if it’s been treated or tempered to help prevent corrosion from happening. We inspect the entirety of your tank for corrosion, and the potential leaks that can go along with it. We’ll point out any corrosion to you, and let you know our professional opinion on how long the tank will likely continue to work.

Sediment Flush

Hard water sediment is the number one cause of corrosion and other problems in hot water heaters. Once we’ve inspected your tank and valves, we’ll perform a sediment flush that loosens and removes the hard water sediment from your tank before it can do further damage.

24/7 Repair Services24 svc

If you wake up one morning and the hot water heater has broken down — give us a call. Our 24-hour emergency service will ensure that you won’t have to go without hot water another day. We’ll come out, diagnose the problem, and get your hot water back up and running.


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